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Ballet Classique  strives to train dancers of the technical and artistic excellence. Our dancers maintain an enthusiasm, individuality, and love for the art form.

Ballet Classique is not a competition  school but rather a school with the focus on technique and quality training.


Ballet Classique's solid basic training  will  allow the  more talented students  to move on to higher dance institutions.


In our training we are careful to maintain  high standards  consistent with the age and development  of the student.  


Ballet Classique was started  in August of 1990 by Heidi Zolty, F.I.S.T.D. CSB CUSA. 


 In 1994 the School hired the highly-acclaimed Ania Storoszczuk-Smeets, M.F.A.

Heidi and Ania  26 years later still work very closely together.

BalletClassique has been training and inspiring students and teachers for 30years.


It has always been the goal of Ballet Classique  to provide a solid classical foundation to our students, and to instill a love for Ballet,Music,Art and Movement.


Since Ballet Classique opened  in 1990, Ballet Classique has been recognized throughout the Lower Mainland and across Canada for its outstanding accomplishments. Our students  have been accepted into the National Ballet School of CanadaThe Royal Winnipeg Ballet SchoolThe Bolshoi Ballet School and the Joffery Ballet School. Many of our students have gone on to have successful dancing or teaching careers.

Every year students audition and receive roles in The Royal Winnipeg and Alberta Ballets Nutcracker Productions. Roles include among others  Clara (Daina Zolty, Crystal Costa,Rebekka Costa) and Dieter (Marissa Mah).

Most recent notable accomplishments include:

Shan Harte Associate Teachers Qualification with Distinction

Shan Harte Enrico Cecchetti Diploma.

Odea Crawley newly hired teacher by  Simply Ballet in Port Coquitlam

Julia Colasurdo Grade  9 (Advanced 1) Cecchetti USA Honours

Anne-Marie Ludwig received her Enrico Cecchetti Diploma

Nicole Siu received her Licentiate Teachers Qualification.

Ivana Matovina received her Licentiate Teachers Qualification.

Anne -Marie Ludwig received her Licentiate Teachers Qualification with Distinction


Here at Hz Ballet Classique we study the Cecchetti method of Ballet education. This syllabus is based on the work of Maestro Enrico Cecchetti.

This art…will live forever young and immortal, because beauty lies in the domain of the spirit just as material resides in the physical order; it transforms itself but never dies. 

Enrico Cecchetti , 1921

The Cecchetti Method of ballet is a style of classical ballet based on the teachings of the great Italian ballet master Enrico Cecchetti (1850-1928). Born into a family of professional dancers, Maestro Cecchetti had a distinguished career as a principal dancer on the international scene before becoming a teacher of renown. He taught in Russia, Poland, Italy and England and became the private instructor of Anna Pavlova and many other celebrated dancers including Sir Anton Dolin co-founder of The London Festival Ballet, Dame Ninette de Valois who founded the The Royal Ballet School and Companies,  Aleksandra Danilov, who taught at Ballanchines’  School of American Ballet  until her retirement in 1989, Vaslav Nijinsky and Madame Alicia Markova; Prima Ballerina Assoluta and co-founder and director of the English National Ballet.

Cecchetti enlarged upon the Italian tradition of teaching, codified by Carlo Blasis, which maintained the balances and proportions of the human body, poised and in movement. The Cecchetti science of classroom practice exacted a co-ordination of arms, legs, and head, which produced a wonderful fluidity of movement, particularly in the upper body. Although Cecchetti’s development of the terre à terre style – brilliant articulations of the legs, with the dancer barely leaving the floor – was notable, his varied, six-day plan trained jumps of many textures. Most importantly, the solid, un-mannered Cecchetti base enabled the dancer to embrace any choreographic style.

He was born to dance and lived and breathed ballet.

It is said(This could be myth) that the son of two dancers, he was born in the costuming room of the Teatro Tordinona in Rome. He taught until the end of his life and passed away after teaching a class, during which Maestro Cecchetti collapsed, and died the following day, November 13, 1928.

In 1924, the Cecchetti Society was incorporated as a branch of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.For more information see

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